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Sample Liberal Arts Personal Statement
Master of Liberal Arts (MLA, MLS)

Liberal Arts


Sample Personal Statement Paragraph: Master of Liberal Arts in Liberal Studies (MLA, MLS)


My goal in enrolling in a Masters of Liberal Arts graduate program is not entirely vocational. Rather, my interest focuses specifically on the development of analytical and critical thinking skills so necessary to a commitment to lifelong learning. To this end, the highly academic and interdisciplinary course of study offered in the Minnesota University Master of Liberal Arts program very much appeals to me. I am interested not only in an in-depth study of the creative and intellectual thought of the great philosophers of the twentieth century, but also in participation in follow-up discussion and related writing activities with fellow students...

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Liberal Arts
Program Personal Statement: I believe study in the field of the liberal arts is ideally suited to my learning interests. I have always loved the study of language, rhetoric, and reason, and I have always been fascinated by the human drive to employ spoken and written language in the search for shared meaning-making and understanding of the human condition...more >

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