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Personal Statement Writing Help:
Need help writing your personal statement for graduate school?

clientfeedbackGaining entry into a prestigious graduate school is a competitive and often daunting task. Admission requirements ask not only for academic records (undergraduate degrees, diplomas or certificates) but for a written admission essay. The admission essay requested is often fairly succinct (approximately 500-750 words) and is commonly referred to as a personal statement, letter of intent, statement of purpose, or admission essay. Writing your admission essay is often an intimidating task, especially if you are struggling to write your personal statement, graduate admission essay, or letter of intent in clear and compelling prose.


The perfect personal statement will give you the edge over hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of university applicants - each with comparable test scores, work experiences, and personal interests. The personal statement is your best chance to distinguish yourself from other applicants, and it is also your most powerful tool for emphasizing your accomplishments and future potential. Your personal statement is extremely important, as it provides the committee reviewing your admissions request with vital information about you. At the very least, your written submission will tell the committee whether you have a good command of the English language and whether you are able to organize your thoughts in clear and concise prose. We know how hard it is to write concise and articulate prose, because writing is our business. Our university-application writing service is designed specifically for graduate-school applicants who need help developing a personal statement, graduate admissions essay, letter of intent, or letter of interest for graduate school.


If you wish, you may speak to your Personal Writer by telephone. In the space provided on our online contact form, let us know your phone number and a convenient time to reach you, and your Personal Writer will contact you directly - completely free of charge. Start by contacting one of our editors today. Our experienced writers know how to assist you in writing an effective and persuasive winning personal statement.

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